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Avocado tree is grown in many tropical areas of the world including Africa, South America, Central America, Asia and Middle Eastern Countries. Avocado seed is filled with wonderful vitamins and nutrients that are great for your health. Avocado seed contains vitamin A, C, E and B6, B9, lutein, and Potassium. Several phytonutrients in avocado seed may help to prevent prostate cancer while the oleic acid found in this seed may prevent breast cancers. A carotenoid called lutein found in avocado seed has been linked to better eye health.  

The antioxidants in avocado seed, in addition to preventing disease, it is also great for slowing the aging process. By taking avocado seed, you can get a boost to your immune system and encourage a healthy nervous system. Meanwhile, the vitamin E in avocado seed promotes healthy skin. Avocado seed contains good nutrient for those who suffer from blood pressure and diabetes.  

Note: Keep in mind that, while avocado seed is great for your health, it alone should not be used as a treatment for any disease.  

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